abs(.)hum is coming back!

Who is that guy!?

we are on the point to start a new step for Immensity of the Territory vol.3... with the next rehearsals this summer to prepare the first representation of the show in France, that's to be at the Lieu Unique in Nantes, october 7th (LU is our co-producer, thanks a lot!)

So, first thing... give the guitar her clothes back!
Let's go!


this is the new set of solinoïdes, more reliable than the previous one

Step by step, our abs(.)hum guitar recovers her all stuff


Remember that? ( http://christophehavard.blogspot.fr/2016/05/abshum-rebirth-7-un-jour-de-plus.html )
An Ebow that flyes above the strings...

And watch out, this is the new stars!
Mrs Liberty. She holds the solinoïdes lights.