"Immensity of the Territory. Vol.3" in Québec & Chicago

After a few weeks and rehearsals, we're almost ready to go! 

Quebec will see the first representation of the third episode of "Immensity of the Territory". 

At the festival LE MOIS MULTI, Quebec City

- public representation 9/02 + 10/02, 08:00 PM 20$/16$ 
- press representation 07/02
SALLE MULTI, 591, rue De Saint-Vallier Est, Québec

-A workshop is organized on the 07/02
-A lecture with music in multidiffusion on the topic of Space-Architecture-Sound will take place at Avatar on the 08/02
-and other meetings in the same week...


The next concert will be at Elastic Arts Foundation in Chicago with a guest, Marvin Tate, poet, performer and singer from Chicago.

18/02 9:00 PM, 10$